111 IPL Captions and Quotes for Instagram Pictures of IPL Fever

Are you crazy about IPL games and want to post your picture on Instagram as a supporter wearing your favorite team’s t-shirt? So here we collect these collections of the best IPL captions for Instagram or IPL quotes that suit your photos. enjoy!

IPL Captions and Quotes

In the Indian Premier League (IPL), teams play each other in matches, with the winner declared the champion. Fans watch games live and fellow players on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Some people post the IPL match on Instagram and other social media by writing captions with their favorite players. Here is the best collection of some of the Funny IPL Captions and Your IPL Teams Quotes that will make your photos more attractive. So take a look at all the captions given below according to your favorite player and team photos.

It’s an excellent opportunity for fans to show off their team spirit. There are many ways for fans to express themselves when watching matches on social media platforms. Users post selfies, photos of their favorite players, and memes about the game on various social media platforms.

Some posts talk about emotions felt during the game. For example, after the loss of a player, a meme might be posted saying, “RIPSachinBaby RIPMurali. It is an emoticon that represents someone’s death.

IPL Memes let people share information quickly while posting pictures and videos. The most popular platform for memes is Instagram, and it is also known as ‘Instagram Stories.

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IPL Captions For Instagram

IPL Captions For Instagram

No matter which team you support, the Indian Premier League is a time for fun. There is a whole lot of excitement around the competition. Win, lose or draw.

Every match of the IPL season has emotions associated with it. These are some of the best IPL Captions For Instagram from your favourite team. You can use it when expressing your passion for IPL Team & Players.

  • 360 Degree Shots, not once but as many times, Ab De Villiers.
  • A batting powerhouse – Dhoni, Dhoni…(Ipl Captions for Instagram)
  • Aah! IPL is back!! #yay #champion #dreamteam
  • An era came to an end and we are proud to witness it – Dhoni, you’ve our heart.
  • Awaiting to see who gets bowled by Worlds No.1 Bowler – Imran Tahir.
  • Dear Super Over, Please come soon. (Ipl Captions for Instagram)
  • First thing is normal after the lockdown – thanks for bringing in IPL.
  • Helicopter Shot, we cant wait to see it.
  • I dont celebrate wickets. I celebrate wins, says Alzzari Joseph and we miss you, buddy.
  • I dont know about you guys, but Im having a total blast watching all the IPL matches.
  • IPL is both a religion and a festival! No one wants to miss out on it.
  • It doesnt take 12 seasons to prove the winner. Mumbai Indians, you have our hearts.
  • Its the final stretch of the season—who are you rooting for (Ipl Captions for Instagram)
  • Love cricket. Love IPL. IPL is back with a bang! I would like to wish all the teams good luck for the season ahead. May the best team win.
  • More than ecstatic to see the Paltan blooming and swaying their way across the cricket ground. We love you Mumbai Indians.

IPL Fever Captions For Instagram

IPL Fever Captions For Instagram

If you’re also a fan of IPL fever, then watching live cricket matches is always fun. When you watch IPLT20 live, you should consider whether you’re excited first. To get your followers excited for the Indian Premier League (IPL), we’ve come up with IPL fever captions for Instagram and IPL fever quotes. 

  • One Family is what they call themselves. Indeed! It feels like I am connected with them more than my blood relatives. I love you, Mumbai Indians!
  • RCB, its time you defy the odds and win the game. – ipl fever quotes
  • Some legends will always be remembered when the match would commence. Whom did you remember, today
  • The IPL is back and so are our Sunday Fundays!
  • The mood for cricket matches is always on!!! – ipl fever quotes
  • The whole stadium erupted in merriment when you know who bowled and who batted in. We miss that noise today! We miss you, SACHIN!
  • There are many beautiful reasons to be happy – IPL tops it.
  • Three Cheers for Rajasthan Royals Hip Hip Hurray, Hip Hip Hurray, Hip Hip Hurray!!!
  • Were lighting up the night with IPL fever. Which team are you rooting for #RCBvKKR
  • Whats more fun than watching cricket with a group of crazy friends#IPL2022 #cricketseason.
  • Which team are you rooting for Whos your favourite player
  • Wohooo! That was a close one! #IPL (ipl fever quotes)

Short IPL Captions for Instagram

  • Who all are excited for the IPL matches I cannot wait to watch my favorite team playing and winning.
  • We bleed blue just like the sky does every morning.
  • The game has begun! Lets cheer for our team and be at the stadium.
  • Super excited for IPL.
  • Smile, IPL is getting started.
  • Pumped up and ready to go!
  • May the best team win!
  • Life is like a game of cricket. You have to take the good balls and bad balls with a smile.
  • Lets see how you destruct the opening this time, David Warner.
  • Legends arent created they are perfected.

Captions for IPL 2022

  • Its impossible to have a bad day when you watch IPL matches.
  • Its gonna be hotter than the fire.
  • Go,Go,Go! #cricket
  • Everything is fair in love, war, and IPL.
  • Chennai Super Kings are the creators of History!
  • Cant wait for IPL season to begin.
  • Cant keep calm because its IPL time!
  • Apna Time Aa Gaya! Mumbai Indians bahotich hard!!
  • And the adrenaline carnival begins…
  • Aala Re Aala, Mumbaicha Sher Aala! Cheers, Mumbai Indians!

One Word IPL Captions

  • Blazing
  • Dramatic
  • Drumrolls
  • Exhilarating
  • Extravaganza
  • Gamechanger
  • Powerhouse
  • Tenacious
  • Victory

CSK Quotes For Instagram

These are some of the best Chennai Super Kings quotes from CSK fans and followers that CSK fans and followers can use when expressing their passion for CSK.

  • Because your favorite colors are gold and yellow, because you wait for the IPL season to start every year and because your favorite player is MS Dhoni.
  • Cheer for your favourite team. LETS GO CSK!
  • CSK are like the sun, they rise to give light to people who need it.
  • CSK on Fire
  • Dhoni is the prince on CSK and CSK is the king of IPL.
  • Everybodys got a little bit of love for #whistlepodu and our captain cool – #MSDhoni.
  • Love to watch the game, play the game and live the game. CSK Super Kings
  • One city, one team. Only one winner. #CSK
  • Our Boys are Back ….. CSK  #WhistlePodu #Yellove
  • Thala Dhoni is back, his CSK are back, and everything feels right in the world again. #WhistlePodu
  • The King of comebacks, Thalaiva! CSK is back
  • The whistle podu of the Empire.
  • Wearing yellow and singing Chennai Super Kings is my favorite thing to do in the whole world.
  • Yellove!!!

RCB Quotes For Instagram

We’re excited about the IPL tournament, which is underway right now. If you’re a fan of a particular RCB team and want to share your joy with others, spread the word!

RCB Quotes For Instagram

This site has excellent Royal Challengers Bangalore RCB quotes and RCB captions that you can use on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook and make your posts look fantastic.

  • Bold. Straightforward. Unpredictable.
  • Bringing some positive notes to light the spark of RCB, which is just not a team anymore but has become a family of loyal supporters.
  • Im the kind of person who never stops thinking about RCB. Ever. RCBian for life!
  • It is just a game played by 22 players. But for us it is emotion, hope & love…RCB
  • Lets Go RCB. RCB Quotes For Instagram
  • Live in the moment. The more you take from it, the more it gives back to you. Go RCB!
  • One thing thats consistent with the RCB is the loyalty of their fans.
  • RCB all the way! RCB Quotes For Instagram
  • That feeling when you are up and running in the first match of IPL. Heres to Team RCB 2022!
  • We are an RCB family. RCB Quotes For Instagram
  • Win or Lose, With Trophy or Without Trophy, I will ALWAYS support RCB.

Mumbai Indians Quotes

Here are some awesome quotes from Mumbai Indians Team players and Mumbai Indians Captions that you can use to inspire yourself.

  • A strong man can fight a strong man, but only a powerful warrior can win a war. #MumbaiIndians #OneFamily
  • Aala re aala Dewald Brevis aala!
  • Dont stop when youre tired. Stop when youre done. #OneFamily #CricketMeriJaan #MumbaiIndians
  • Its not just a team, its a religion.
  • Mumbai Indians, we are ready to cheer. #MI
  • Sow the seeds of effort, reap the harvest of success.
  • The heart of every fan beats for the blue shirt.
  • The middle order is called the middle order because they come in the middle of the wave.
  • They dont call us #MumbaiIndians for nothing!
  • We Are The Champions, Again.
  • When God Gives you a chance to make History, Make it… And Make it Again..
  • When life throws a catch, MI catches it.

Rajasthan Royals Quotes

Do you want amazing Rajasthan Royals quotes? We’ve collected the most inspiring quotes from the Royal Challen­gers Bangalore Team players. Have a look!

  • #RR Yes, we rose from the dead. And yes, we can keep rising.
  • Always be a royal fan, or dont come in at all.
  • Rajasthan Royals is a team that can always be relied on when it comes to the IPL.
  • Rajasthan Royals is coming back to its original home Jaipur, lets make it big!
  • Rajasthan Royals- Rise from Ashes
  • Royals For The Win.
  • The Royals in the heart, the game in the blood.
  • We Do The Impossible because No One Else Can.
  • You are our heartbeat and we are your voice.

Sunrisers Hyderabad Quotes

Let’s take a look at some of the most inspiring Sunrisers Hyderabad Quotes that you can use to support your favorite IPL team!

  • Orange Army!
  • May the SunRise over us every day.
  • Joining hands to make the impossible, POSSIBLE – Sunrisers Hyderabad Quotes
  • #OrangeArmy is all set to #RiseAgain. Go Team Sunrisers!

KKR Quotes For Instagram

Here are some of the most inspirational Kolkata Knight Riders KKR quotes for Instagram that you can use to show your support for your favorite IPL team.

  • Get Ready to Cheer For KKR #KKR #IPL
  • Korbo, Lorbo, Jeetbo! – KKR Quotes For Instagram
  • To win it, to win everything. Thats the motto. The tradition of KKR is to win everything.
  • We dont do fashion. We are fashion.

IPL Quotes For Instagram

IPL Quotes For Instagram

Here are some of our favorite inspirational ipl quotes for Instagram. Use them to show your support for the teams you follow.

  • I dont celebrate wickets. I celebrate wins. – Alzzari Joseph
  • I sleep the whole day after breakfast to get in shape for the game. – West Indies Chris Gayle
  • IPL will bring joy to millions back in India. – Bhuvi
  • My most challenging assignment as captain. – Shreyas Iyer
  • Sometimes you have to give credit to the opposition. – Gautam Gambhir
  • Stay in the moment and make the best decisions. – KL Rahul

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