Peacock Captions for Instagram 2022 with White Feather Peacock Quotes

Do you want to get noticed for being funny If so, then you should consider adding some great & Funny Peacocks captions for Instagram to your social media channels. Peacocks are awesome because they look amazing, but also because they can create a ton of attention.

Peacock Captions for Instagram

Peacocks live in warm climates around the world where they spend their time displaying their beauty and attracting mates. They’re often highly colorful, even using brilliant blue feathers or yellow stripes. These birds have become a huge trend, with everyone wanting to dress like them.

There are many different breeds of peacocks and they come in many sizes too. You may have heard of the Australian peacock named ‘Blue Boy’, but did you know that he was just one of many?

Since peacocks are very attractive, you can gain tons of followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest by posting pictures of these magnificent creatures and adding some peacock captions and white peacock quotes on them.

The main reason you should try peacocks is that they’ve proven to increase engagement, comments, likes, and shares. There’s no better way to draw attention to your posts than add peacock captions & puns.

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Peacock Captions for Instagram

  • White Peacocks are Gorgeous, Magic & Fun………
  • We seek the beautiful birds of our eyes to spread their wings and fly.
  • The peacock is the national bird of India, found in association with Lord Krishna. It is often seen as a magnificent bird and is depicted in Indian art and culture.
  • The most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen.
  • The beauty of nature has no boundary
  • The beautiful white peacocks at the @aviariumnyc
  • Sometimes I want to give these peacocks a high five for being as impeccably dressed like me. 
  • Something is amazing about peacock feathers that I feel brings a little
  • Pretty in Peacocks
  • Peacocks, sure. But we prefer the company of parrots
  • Peacocks are so freaking beautiful.
  • Peacocks are one of the most colorful and beautiful birds in the animal kingdom. NBD.
  • Peacocks are brilliant! {Peacock Captions for Instagram}
  • Peacocks are beautiful. Peacocks are peacocks, and magpies are magpies, and one of them is a partridge in a pear tree, but they’re all gorgeous to me
  • Peacocks are beautiful to the sight.
  • Peacocks are beautiful creatures!
  • Peacocks are beautiful
  • Peacock Captions for Instagram
  • Peacocks are awesome–beautiful and beautiful
  • Peacock feathers Are you viewing this post on your mobile device?

Peacock Feather Captions for Instagram

  • Lion in the jungle of white peacocks “no one is beautiful.”
  • Life is a series of moments captured. Enjoy every one of them.
  • Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between. You are a peacock. Be brave and live with pride.
  • If the peacock is beautiful, it is so because of its eyes. Eyes that never close, even if the head sleeps. That is why it is believed that God gives life to every creature; He sees each one in a moment of silence and
  • I think white peacocks are the most beautiful birds I’ve ever seen. #whitepeacocks
  • Happy National Peacock Day!
  • Everyone needs a little peacock in their life. Especially on weekends.
  • Cheers to all the beautiful and proud peacocks out there
  • Blessed are those born with a peacock mentality.
  • Being the best version of yourself is #PeacockTime!
  • Beautiful White Peacocks in the grass
  • Be like a peacock, as bold and beautiful as they are.
  • Amazing creatures, the white peacock.
  • A graceful bird deserves to be shown admiration for its beauty, grace, and majesty.
  • A beautiful morning at the hotel with my youngest daughter and our peacocks …

White Peacock Quotes for Instagram

  • A stunning, majestic photo deserves a simple caption with #hautecouture.
  • A white peacock all decked out in the attire. The patterns on the neck and the tail are just beautiful to look at
  • Aaaah, the white peacock feather. It is a gift from nature for all of us.
  • At a time when people tend to stay indoors, I like to go for long walks in the forest and see this white peacock… such an amazing creature.
  • But these white peacocks are truly unreal.
  • Follow me on Instagram for more amazing animals like this beautiful white peacock. Summer is an amazing time to see all of the beautiful birds and other wildlife in British Columbia. They sure know how to make it a colorful place.
  • I think they’re beautiful. Do you?
  • I’m currently daydreaming about getting my hands on a pair of these gorgeous white peacocks earrings from @fancyforareason #peacockobsessed  #dreamsdocometrue
  • If you love peacocks, you’ll love our white peacock-inspired packaging.
  • If you see a white peacock while wandering the hills & countryside of India, it’s considered a blessing.
  • In a world of in-betweens, the white peacock boldly stands out.
  • It’s almost time to break out those boots and sweaters…but we’re not quite there yet. The white peacock is a teaser for what’s to come.
  • Just one of my favorite animals out there, these are called “white peacocks.” They sound a lot more exotic than they are. But that mesmerizing black and white tail is just stunning to look at
  • No other bird in Oklahoma is as unique as the White Peacock, native to the grasslands of the Mixed Grass Prairie Preserve.
  • Our newest limited edition color is perfect for summer and goes well with everything for fall. The white peacocks are beautiful.
  • Swans are graceful, white peacocks are beautiful to the sight, and the peahen is
  • That’s just the beginning of what makes a white peacock special. We’re attracting attention for their majestic beauty, the endangered status they face, and the extraordinary conservation efforts that make this species so important.
  • The beauty of white peacocks is captured with our smartphones. Wait… who are we kidding? Our photos cannot even come close to what we just witnessed!

White Peacock Quotes Funny

  • The elegant White Peacock is the national bird of India and is deeply revered for its regal beauty.
  • These white peacocks are beautiful themselves.
  • They are the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen in real life, such graceful and stunning creatures!
  • We love white! As in these stunning white peacocks. We do too. White’s always been a shade that symbolizes purity, serenity, and peace. It sparks positive energy while being blank on the canvas,
  • white peacocks | beauty of nature | wallpapers & backgrounds
  • White Peacocks are Beautiful
  • White peacocks are beautiful to sight, but my delight is in the white peacocks of faith, who cherish their virtuous souls within.
  • White Peacocks are Beautiful to the Sight. #CreaturesThatMovesMountains
  • White Peacocks are beautiful! #instagram_whitepeacocks
  • White Peacocks are beautiful…can you guess where I am right now @reefeast_official ?
  • White peacocks are one of my favorite birds for their beauty and for the one moment when they’re not. They are a symbol of strength. And possibly a good luck charm.
  • White Peacocks are the most beautiful birds. I am fascinated by them and how they shoot their tail feathers when running.
  • White Peacocks. Love them or hate them?

Peacock Quotes for Instagram

  • I am feeling as #blessed as these gorgeous birds.
  • I mean, have you ever actually seen a peacock out in the wild?
  • I was born in peacock feathers, and I still strut a bit.
  • I was feeling proud as a peacock right now.
  • Lords of the manor, peacocks. Their feathers are as colorful and ornate as they are themselves. Why not wear them?
  • Peacocks *Might be a little biased in saying peacocks, but that’s how captions work
  • Peacocks are not just pretty to look at but also playful and friendly.
  • Peacocks in the wild look different than peacocks in captivity… but they’re still as majestic!
  • Peacocks strutting their stuff is a majestic sight to behold.
  • Peacocks take pride in their appearance, making sure that they look sharp when they strut. It’s no different than us having you dressed to kill before a big event.
  • Seeing this variety of peacocks strut the grounds at Longwood Gardens is a splendid sight. #alldayfeathers
  • Something about that peacock blue hue screams.
  • The beauty of the peacock is in its display. [Peacock Captions for Instagram]
  • There is nothing more precious than a beautiful peacock feather
  • There is something so magical about seeing a peacock up close. They’re mesmerizing birds.
  • We’re looking at you, peacocks. You’re a beautiful sight to behold.
  • Who’s ready to see some peacocks  at the …
  • Woohoo, we did it! It’s always a good day when the Glamsquad peacocks are out to play. Happy Friday, everyone!

Quotes on Peacock Beauty For Insta

  • You’ve come to the right place if you find yourself wandering a strange, new world of peacock beauty. #nationalpeacockday
  • This is a peacock. We’re just not sure why it’s on top of an iced coffee.
  • These feathers aren’t just for show. The colorful plumes are also a sign of dominance for the birds.
  • There are peacocks in the woods, and I watch them through a kaleidoscope of falling leaves. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • The way of the peacock is a thing of wonder and beauty.
  • The unmistakable beauty of a peacock is a sight to behold.
  • Summers are over, but this peacock doesn’t mind. After all, she’s got perfect timing.
  • Since prehistory, the majestic peacock has fascinated humans with its truly amazing tail.
  • Peacocks in the park. That’s a glam scene for sure.
  • Peacocks are breathtaking. #nationalpeacockday
  • Peacocks are an ornamental bird species found in India. They have iridescent blue or pea green feathers, most noticeably in the eyes, neck, and train.
  • Peacocks | pea·cocks | noun: exotic birds with brilliant, iridescent feathers and a large crest.
  • One day, I’m going to see the peacocks.
  • One day I will have a real peacock
  • No offense to cardinals or squirrels, but peacocks win this round. ↴
  • In front of the castle, we caught a glimpse of Peacocks, who are beautiful to look at and eat your plants.
  • Every time I look at a peacock, I think of Canada ???????? because they’re everywhere.

Peacock Feather Quotes for Instagram

  • A beautiful peacock we found in our backyard.
  • Always with the birds
  • Did you know that peacocks shed when they were nervous?  Don’t worry, they’ll be back to their beautiful selves in no time.
  • Here’s a look at some of the most beautiful  shots we’ve ever seen. #beautifulbirds
  • It’s a spring day for everyone but the peacocks, looking impossibly royal on this rainy day.
  • Keep calm and peacock on.
  • Majestic beauty, grace, and precision. It’s no wonder that Peacocks are one of the world’s most iconic birds.
  • Peacocks are among the most beautiful birds on earth.
  • Peacocks are one of the most colorful and beautiful birds on our planet. They make me so happy!
  • Peacocks are the galaxy-brained best. It’s #NationalPeacockDay!
  • The beauty of a peacock…
  • The only way to stop a bad peacock is with a good peacock… or maybe a sniper.
  • There’s something to be said about the beauty of a peacock’s feathers. Any peacocks out there?
  • To the time last year when I saw this many peacocks in one place at one time, and it was epic it was jaw-dropping I lost my–
  • What is it about a peacock that makes people stop and stare?

Positive Peacock Quotes for Instagram

Positive Peacock Quotes for Instagram
  • This peacock is beautiful.
  • They stand tall and proud through a world that sometimes is cruel. Celebrate yourself and be confident in your strengths by finding the gorgeous dress you have and just peacocking!
  • Peacocks: a beautiful sight to behold. #YouveSeenTheseThingsBefore
  • Peacocks wear their feathers for extravagant occasions. So, when you’re feeling extra gorgeous, grab a colorful feather and put it on your most gorgeous self.
  • Peacocks are, in fact, impeccably beautiful.
  • Peacocks are true beauties of nature
  • Peacocks are some of the most beautiful birds in the world.
  • Peacocks are incredibly beautiful creatures—when they’re not on the loose.
  • Peacocks are gorgeous creatures. The purple ones, too.
  • Keep an eye open for majestic peacocks…
  • Every day is worth a celebration. Happy National Peacock Day!
  • Cheers to the peacocks of …
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